Today in Latin America

Today in Latin America Archives

January 25: São Paulo, Chile, Butcher of Lyon, Rivera
January 27: the death of Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán
January 28: Cuba
January 31: the death of José Félix Ribas

February 02: Buenos Aires and Óscar Arias
February 03: Montevideo, Embargo, Boycott
February 04: Jewish Repression in Coro, Venezuela
February 06: Camilo Cienfuegos
February 07: Ricardo Palma
February 07: Dom Hélder Câmara
February 08: Sebastião Salgado
February 09: Haiti’s invasion of the Dominican Republic
February 11: the Mexican Revolution: La Decena Trágica, Taft, and Huerta
February 14: the death of María Elena Moyano
February 14: the death of Camilo Torres
February 17: A Review of Alfredo Stroessner
February 21: Nicaragua’s Twentieth Century
February 21: Guillermo Cabrera Infante
February 22: Charles Darwin in Chile
February 23: The Battles of Buena Vista
February 24: Antonio Prohías
February 25: Jose Francisco de San Martín
February 27: 20 Years after Caracazo
February 28: the US invasion of Honduras

March 01: Julio Maria Sanguinetti
March 02: Haiti’s Long Decade (Part 2)
March 03: US Passes Its First Foreign Aid Bill
March 07: Veracruz and San Juan del Sur
March 08: Cortés and Tenochtitlan
March 09: Cubanization and Pancho Villa
March 10: Oswaldo Guayasamin
March 11: El Salvador’s Election Past
March 13: The Border Christ
March 14: Congress of Panama
March 26: Tirofijo’s Violent Legacy
March 27: the murder of Stanley Rother

April 01: João Goulart
April 02: Falklands, Arlt, ITT, Martinez and Foraker
April 04: The Communist Party of Panama
April 09: Bolivian Revolution of 1952
April 10: the death of Emiliano Zapata
April 11: Juan Santamaría
April 15: Castro Visits the United States
April 20: Saint Rose of Lima and Régis Debray
April 21: Tiradentes and the Inconfidência Mineira


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