Why I've been avoiding everyone


I may have been avoiding the blog, but all for good reason. I am working on a novel (oddly enough, given the circumstances, set in Kansas; tentatively) called The Mystic. In celebration, I have set up another excuse to not do my work, another blog.

Rest assured, I am not leaving forever. I’m not even leaving for a while. I plan on coming back with a vengeance now that I am fully moved into Lawrence and have generous access to the internet. I have been keeping with all my favorite bloggers and new sites (now moved to a “Links” section) while I’ve posted sporadically.

So what’s on the new blog, why not incorporate them? I thought about it but I am growing up guys and I need to multitask with more efficiency and build audiences separate of one another (no offense). Thus, this blog will still rock. The other is just a diary of my writing process, my ideas, my thoughts, my progress, my experiences in the publishing world. And some pieces on Kansas history as I come across it (if you ever decide to not have your heads in LA for a couple minutes, might I suggest some Bleeding Kansas?). It’s for writers, I suppose. Something part of me strives to become.

This is dragging on. We won’t speak of the other ever again. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. (Link’s to the right).


~ by Daniel on September 9, 2009.

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