Today in the Americas, Camila O'Gorman

I’d like to direct readers to my good friends at Executed Today, who covered the execution of Camila O’Gorman by Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas. O’Gorman falls in love with Ladislao Gutierrez, the family priest. Both were captured and killed. Despite laws against the executions of pregnant women, Rosas did not halt the firing squads. They made O’Gorman drink holy water to baptize her eight-month old child. Both were killed today in 1848 (161 years ago).


~ by Daniel on August 18, 2009.

One Response to “Today in the Americas, Camila O'Gorman”

  1. Many, many years ago in Argentina, I read a book -sorry I can’t remember its name. But it had poetry about Camila’s last thoughts about her unborn child. I can’t find this poetry in the internet.
    The names of the poems were:
    No Adorare Tus Ojos by Arturo Vazquez Cey,
    Manecita Hermosa by Arturo Vazquez Cey and
    Dios Nos Unira En El Cielo by Arturo Vazquez Cey.
    “Camila O’Gorman” o El Amor con la Corona de la Muerte.
    Do you know anything about this?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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