Public Option, For Me?

Photo from MoveOn rally in Portland

Photo from MoveOn rally in Portland

I almost became the first casualty to the public option this morning at Ninth and Kentucky. Organizers from were carrying signs, asking for honks and waves for the public option. I caught sight of the signs on my way to the library and decided to add my horn to the raising cacophony at street level. Until, distracted by the group, a white sports car nearly ran the light as it turned green for me. I wonder what kind of story that would have provided for the papers – as I, like millions like me, cannot afford health care.

In reality, the gathering was a positive one for MoveOn. They were showing Lawrence Rep. Dennis Moore (D) support for (and hopeful adherence to) the public option that President Obama has tried to downplay in previous days.

This being Kansas (even Lawrence) it wasn’t long until the right showed up. Coming back from the library (literally minutes, because the library did not have access to the internet) a white sign graced my eyes. “No Third World Medicine for My Mom!” As reported in the Lawrence Journal World:

“They’re misrepresenting how many Americans are without health care and why they don’t have health care,” said Richard Fry, a member of the citizen advocacy group November Patriots. “They shouldn’t be able to impose those things among the citizens.”

Generic right wing protest, no photo of counter-rally on Ninth

Generic right wing protest, no photo of counterrally on Ninth

In reality, both the right and the left are discouraged. But Richard Fry, who I found supporting the 10th Amendment protecting Kansas’ sovereignty, is a member of “an advocacy group” the November Patriots.

Just who are these “Patriots.”

Well, their website looks like it was created on Angelfire a decade ago. It consists of the tired, conservative (“dedicated to returning our government to ‘we the people’) rhetoric with a bland mission statement and no goals (currently updated – one would almost expect the old Under Construction avitars from the 1990s). They rallied against “Non-Citizens” getting IDs to vote in the November election (Kansas turned only 3 counties [Lawrence, Crawford, Wyandotte], despite all them illegals). And their “Fact Sheets” contain gems from and Social Contract Press.

In short, I wasn’t there to see what happened. Maybe someone crashed with all the hoopla and they weren’t insured, and were white, and middle-class and hard working – just like those November Patriots or the woman who doesn’t want third world medicine for her mom. Maybe a face on this clusterfuck will show these people that they’re increasingly siding with heartless self-interested parties instead of with their own neighbors and citizens.


~ by Daniel on August 18, 2009.

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