Home…My first dispatch from Lawrence

After 1,200 miles, I made it Lawrence a week ago. I’ve been setting up my apartment and nursing my bum knee, which I hyperextended unloading the very first item from the Budget van, and then proceeding to move the entire apartment myself up three fleights of stairs. One half of my home is shrouded in darkness, insulated by trees and another home next to me (great for being able to keep the air conditioning in the hot Kansas summer days to a minimum – often running the overhead fan suffices). The other half is, in the afternoons, bombarded with light and beautiful to look out from – despite Tennessee St. being just below me.

Without internet in my new apartment, updates will be sporadic – whenever I can get to the public library. I am also trying to find work in Lawrence, which is proving difficult (taking suggestions). I kick myself now that I need more schooling to get a teaching license, why did I go for two degrees again? And what is the use of my degree in journalism in Kansas? Alas, I don’t think that. Things have worked, will work, (will always?) work in mysterious ways. If the Wizard of Oz is to teach me anything – Kansas is that place.


~ by Daniel on August 13, 2009.

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