Today in the Americas, Castillo Armas assassinated

castillo armas guatemala

Carlos Castillo Armas, was assassinated today in 1957 (52 years ago), only three years after he was bequeathed Guatemala by the CIA.

Upon his assumption of the presidency, Armas made sure to cancel Jacobo Arbenz’s Decree 900, which prompted United Fruit’s ire and the US governments guns by redistributing land to the people of Guatemala. Formed, what some claim to be, the first Latin American death squad in the form of the National Committee of Defense Against Communism. Richard Nixon, Eisenhower’s douche veep who was pelted with rocks in Caracas, said:

President Castillo Armas’ objective, ‘to do more for the people in two years than the Communists were able to do in ten years,’ is important. This is the first instance in history where a Communist government has been replaced by a free one.

After implementing a new constitution, a dime-a-dozen piece of paper at this point, Romeo Vásquez, a palace guard, shot Castillo Armas and ended up dead a short time later.

Guatemala would bounce in and out of shitty military brats before settling in March 1958 on Jose Ydígoras. Due to his rule, some army officers rebelled in 1960, beginning el movimiento armado del 13 de noviembre and the brutal 36 year civil war.


~ by Daniel on July 26, 2009.

One Response to “Today in the Americas, Castillo Armas assassinated”

  1. If Romeo Vasquez did indeed kill Castillo Armas. Kennedy assassination buffs like to compare Romeo Vasquez (who — after the fact — was written off as a commie and lone gunman) with Lee Harvey Oswald. But, then again, Kennedy assassination buffs like to tie everything to the Kennedy assassination.

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