Zelaya on his way to Honduras

6:15pm 7/24

Zelaya’s actions “reckless,” according to Hillary Clinton, who wishes the Arias talks would have produced an end to the military coup. Although Zelaya conceded to the points during negotiations, it was Micheletti and Co. who rejected the plan. Must he wait around forever as the days tick past? Wouldn’t that be more reckless?

5:15pm 7/24

He has crossed into Honduras before moving back into Nicaragua.

From Al Jazeera,

Manuel Zelaya walked from the Nicaraguan town of Los Manos to the frontier on Friday, and walked a few metres beyond a chain marking the border, before being blocked by Honduran army troops.

Honduras’ security forces had been instructed by the military-backed interim government to arrest Zelaya if he entered the country, but they did not move against him.

4:27 pm 7/24

The only US station “covering” Zelaya’s return was CNN, in particular the oblivious Rick Sanchez. He didn’t know who was the “good guy” in all of this. His guests during the 3 o’clock hour were ignorant, producing nothing but Chavez and Castro comparisons.

On his “after show” on CNN.com, Sanchez got to speak to insufferable douche Lanny Davis. Sanchez describes Davis as a “political expert,” someone who has “toiled in political crises” and someone who, get this, believes “honesty is the best policy.” Sanchez describes Zelaya’s return (and over-reaction, in his words) to the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates (also an over-reaction). Didn’t make sense to me, what did Lanny have to say?

Nothing, he justified the coup. Sanchez, who is lovably dumb, accepts word-for-word Davis’ description of the events. Davis, of course, doesn’t call this a coup, said the Arias process was the only way for peace, and blamed Chavez. He said Zelaya deserved it as it would be like President Nixon denying the Supreme Court’s call to hand over the tapes then orchestrating military action against the Pentagon. Didn’t make sense to me, but it was bought hook-line-and-sinker. Why didn’t Sanchez mention the scale on which Honduras’ and the United States’ military’s render the analogy mute?

But, cutting off Davis, Sanchez brought a live report before going off the air. Zelaya has taken off his pistols and is preparing to enter Honduras from Nicaragua. We will stay on top of new developments.


~ by Daniel on July 24, 2009.

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