I guess Panama missed the boat?

Panamanian Vice-president and Foreign Affairs minister Juan Carlos Varela said:

“Our country (Panama) suffered a military dictatorship, and here the military organized a coup and remained in power for 21 years; they dumped people out of aircrafts; killed priests and nuns; disappeared people; mutilated members of political parties including the one of which I am now president”, said Varela.

However he emphasized “I, with my eyes in Honduras have seen a responsible Army, complying Supreme Court decisions and in the middle of a political crisis, of which they are not part”.

Yes, Mr. Varela – this is not the 1980s (yet). Disappearances are not rampant, planes are not being commandeered for human dumping, and the church supports the golpistas (although violence, killing of social activists and disappearances are happening).

Yet, one has the right to be alarmed.

In 2009, someone as young as Mr. Varela looks (he was born in 1963) should be alarmed at the strong-armed tactics that his previous generation hoisted upon him.

He, as a product of the ’80s, a Central American citizen, and a citizen of Panama who saw US intervention in 1989, should roundly denounce, as the world has done (including 55 scholars who recently wrote to US President Obama warning about future violence, violence that will be, let us not be mistaken about, by the Honduran military’s “professional training”), the coup against the people of Honduras – not praise their “display [of] professional management.”


~ by Daniel on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “I guess Panama missed the boat?”

  1. There are difference of opinions in this subject. The military acted by orders of the Supreme Court, their legistators, and the Consitution. The military is not in power…Zelaya’s 6 months left in power are ending…Zelaya wanted to impose a change against the Honduras Consitution, what is that called?

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