Today in the Americas, Sandinista!

July 19, 1979: The Triumph of the Future

July 19, 1979: The Triumph of the Future

Of course, today is the thirtieth anniversary of the Sandinistas revolution in Nicaragua, which suffered nearly fifty years under the thumbs of the Somoza family. Today, the FSLN entered Managua, still damaged from the 1973 earthquake that exposed the Somoza regime to the rest of the world as it withheld aid for victims and pocketed the money. After a decade long struggle, the Sandinistas – who modeled their movement after nationalist Augusto Sandino – brought revolution to Central America.

Today: The Triumphs Lost

Today: The Triumphs Lost

The Sandinista promises were never met, due in no small part to the Contra War that lasted another decade, ending only after the Sandinstas lost the 1990 elections. Daniel Ortega, who was instrumental in the 1970s, is once again president of Nicaragua but the movement that drew stark lines between freedom or tyranny, solidarity or counterinsurgency, revolution or Reagan, is gone. But the hope of revolution in Nicaragua lives somewhere – perhaps the ghost of Sandino is waiting for his true heir?


~ by Daniel on July 19, 2009.

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