Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno sentenced for Will's murder

brad will

In a cruel twist of fate, as documented by Nancy Davies, Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, an APPO activist, was charged with the murder of independent journalist (IndyMedia) Brad Will. Both were covering the crisis in Oaxaca in 2006 when Will, videotaping, captured his own death from priistas across a plaza. The family of Brad Will do not believe Martinez Moreno committed the act – they believe Mexico is shielding Abel Zarate and Oswaldo Manuel Aguilar Coello, two officers arrested but released under government orders. US aid was threatened to be cut off if Mexico did not produce Will’s killer.

Of course, there has already been backlash to the decision.

Also outraged are clerical and civil groups. Mexican and USA clerics, 84 from the USA and 81 from Mexico, sent a letter to presidents Calderon and Obama, stating that the guilty verdict could only be “a justification and condition to accelerate the funds to Mexico to carry out Plan Merida.”

In the letter, also sent to the Department of State of the USA, and to the Secretary of Government of Mexico, the clerics urge a review of the case, taking into account the recommendations of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH in its Spanish initials) and international organizations which all discounted the idea that Martinez Moreno was involved in the killing. The bias was so evident that the CNDH recommended that the case against Martinez Moreno be thrown out.


~ by Daniel on July 11, 2009.

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