Golpe de Estado in Honduras: Oscar Arias to Mediate Conflict

costa rica oscar arias

Costa Rican president Oscar Arias has been tapped to negotiate between elected president Zelaya and golpista Roberto Micheletti. Arias, Nobel Laureate in 1987 for his mediation leading to an “end” (before the 1989 insurrection) of violence in El Salvador, is being called upon to conjure the same ’80s magic to defuse Central America once again. Costa Rica to the rescue.

That Arias was on the lips of Secretary of State Clinton this morning was no surprise, as mentioned above – he has done admirable work, despite the accusations of fraud and his own lackluster record in Costa Rica. Yet, Micheletti has agreed to let Arias broker the deal, and there are clear reasons why.

I will elaborate on this tomorrow, but to state simply, if the past is an indicator, while the golpista government may not stand, nothing will be in place for this to never happen again and the perpetrators will go free. This bodes will for Micheletti, who will be forced out of office but will enjoy the quiet life in Spain (or Costa Rica) or wherever as he and the military will enjoy blanket immunities they could never dream of.


~ by Daniel on July 7, 2009.

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  1. He is bad, he is a lier i know that believe me he is a “Burgues” a capitalist

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