The Photography of Memory

photo hands

I’d like to draw attention to a topic that interests me and hope to pursue in the near future – that of politics, violence and memory. In that, I’d like to move readers to a great website that scours the internet, it seems, and digs up news and information pertaining to Latin America’s dirty wars – including the remembrance of victims and the persecution of those guilty of murder.

I’m drawn, today particularly, to the latest post in a series, quite good if I say so, on photography and memory. It concerns the iconic photographs – and, I love it, photos of photos, something that is iconic in Latin American movements against military power across the continent.

I’ve written a (quite long, sorry) report on memory in El Salvador surrounding la matanza in 1932 – where few photographs exists – and so I direct readers here to see and hear stories about these photos. And given the context in Honduras – let’s not forget these faces and what ideology and extreme violence produced once.


~ by Daniel on July 5, 2009.

One Response to “The Photography of Memory”

  1. Thanks for the link – and without wanting to turn this into a mutual backslapping session, I really like your post on El Salvador as well (even if it does exceed my usual attention span ;-)).

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