Golpe de Estado in Honduras: A 'Moment'

Guns on the roof: Snipers readied to kill fellow civilians in the golpistas name at the Tegucipalpa International Airport

Guns on the roof: Snipers readied to kill fellow civilians in the golpistas name at the Tegucigalpa International Airport

Honduras backed out of the OAS (or the OAS kicked them out). How cares? It is high time the powers of the world just cut aid – nearly two-thirds of the country’s operating costs. With such inequality, how do the golpistas think this could be a good idea? How do you cloak this any longer?

You don’t. 200,000 people have occupied Tegucigalpa International Airport. Zelaya is coming shortly. How far has Honduras come, and Latin America, since the end of the Cold War? Does a procession of human beings end a bungled, and illegal, coup? Does the US follow the world example and end aid, today, for the government of Honduras? Does the military open fire? Do the people shoot back?

(Check out amazing photos of the march yesterday).

Cartoon from Telesur

Cartoon from Telesur, with the infamous white hand of the victims

After one week, this is the true test, a “moment of truth.” A “moment” mocked by the golpistas in their excessive use of violence, blatant cronyism, and diplomatic overtures. The moment for Hondurans to assert that militarism and coups have no place in the Americas – today, as it turns out – seems insignificant due to an ideology that puts its elites against the people. (Economic elitism is natural. Religious elitism has waxed and waned in the last century in the Americas. In this case, the Catholic Church has sided with the coup).

There is something brewing in Honduras this morning – history in the making, to say the least, but its outcomes will, without a doubt, impact the region, specifically Central America for a long time.

The divides between non-violence and violence are thinning – let us hope that Hondurans by the hundreds of thousands will be able to push against the nuzzles of high-powered rifles and a trigger finger and, for the sake of democracy and whatever semblance of the “rule of law” (a loaded term) is left, reinstate Zelaya, condemn the military back to its nether regions, write a new Constitution that embraces plurality. This movement of force must need be in favor of just Zelaya’s return.

We in the US made this mistake with Barack Obama. He is never enough. This movement must demand more – may Zelaya be a rallying call or not.

Will have a report later this evening


~ by Daniel on July 5, 2009.

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