Golpe de Estado in Honduras: ALBA, Sanctions, Zelaya's Return

New York Times

New York Times

UPDATE: 11:55 pm (June 29)

According to Al-Jazeera, Zelaya will be coming back to Honduras on Thursday to finish his term. This as the cities have erupted into protest – violent and otherwise – and Roberto Micheletti, the military’s “sworn-in” president stands defiant: “What we have done here is an act of democracy, because our army has complied with the order of the court, prosecutors and judges.”

Tim’s El Salvador blog is updating:

Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes condemned the overthrow and announced that El Salvador would not recognize the new government installed in Tegucigalpa. Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua all announced they would close their borders to land trade with Honduras for 48 hours.


honduras coup june 2009 2

UPDATE: 8:23pm

The ALBA released a statement today discussing the coup in Honduras. Their statement calls for punitive measures enforced by the international community to bring Zelaya back to office. “Those who are leading the coup d’etat must know that it will be impossible to prevail and to make fun of international justice, to which sooner or later they will be subjected.”

“…we have agreed to declare ourselves in permanent alert in order to accompany the valiant people of Honduras in the actions of struggle that they have convoked, and we invoke the content of Articles 2 and 3 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Honduras:

“Art. 2: Sovereignty corresponds to the People from which emanate all the Powers of the State that are exercised through representation. The Sovereignty of the People can also be exercised in a direct manner through a Plebiscite or Referendum. The supplanting of popular Sovereignty and the usurpation of the constituted powers are classified as crimes of Treason against the Fatherland. The responsibility in these cases is imprescriptible and can be deduced to the role or petition of any citizen.”

“Art. 3: No one has to obey neither a usurper government nor those who assume functions or public employment through the force of arms or using measures or procedures that break or fail to recognise that which the Constitution and the laws establish. The acts verified by such authorities are invalid. The people have the right to resort to insurrection in defense of constitutional order.”


The governments of ALBA declare ourselves in a permanent consultation session, with all the governments of the continent, in order to evaluate further joint actions that enable us to accompany the Honduran people in the re-establishment of legality and the restitution of the President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Two hundreds years since the historic gesture that our peoples have developed throughout the continent, following the timeless example of the General of free men Augusto Cesar Sandino, of Francisco Morazan and faithful to the word of The Liberator Simon Bolivar, we put our hope with the people of Honduras and the peoples of the world for the sureness of victory, as, “all the peoples of the world who have wrestled for freedom have, in the end, exterminated their tyrants.”


~ by Daniel on June 29, 2009.

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