Golpe de Estado in Honduras: Coup News Feed

honduras coup june 2009

UPDATE: 10:25 pm (June 28)

As I return from work, I am disturbed by the comments below this post. In essence, it appears rightists from Honduras – living in the US as Tegucigalpa has had its Internet and power gradually turned off – are trolling the web and posting comments in support of the coup – and the assassination of Cesar Ham, a Honduran congressman, this morning by firing squad.

General Romeo Vasquez, a School of the Americas graduate, is behind the coup. He was dismissed earlier this week, only to be reinstated by the Supreme Court, which Zelaya declined to listen to. Channels of communication have been breached in the already tenuous Honduran democracy.

The country was used during the Cold War as a springboard of action for US adventures in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Now it appears that Honduras, relatively stable due to heavy military assistance in the 1980s, has cracked. This is the first coup attempt since 2002 in Venezuela, which was unsuccessful.

No one should be proud of today – this is a black eye for Latin America. The military murder of government officials is never acceptable, in any context. Zelaya’s referendum, despite one’s politics, did not warrant murder. There is not lying being perpetrated – this golpe de estado is a dangerous precedent.

For the latest, Upside Down World provides a great resource.


12:34 pm (June 28)

From Media Left:

President Manuel Zelaya has been kidnapped by army forces and the governmental TV Channel 8 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has been taken over by the coup forces, as well as the Presidential House. A popular Consulta (vote) on the realization of a Constituent Assembly was planned for today Sunday 28 of June, as Zelayas’s private secretary, Eduardo Enrique Reina informed. At Telesur TV we heard the voice of the brave Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Rodas telling the audience that she is surrounded by the coup soldiers and snipers. She tried to make contact with the social movements to defend their elections that would have happened today while she also pleaded for the life of the legally elected President Manuel Zelaya.

We will stay on top of this news. For more, click here.

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~ by Daniel on June 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Golpe de Estado in Honduras: Coup News Feed”

  1. the military acted upon an order issued by the supreme court because the president broke the law. congress’ president is now the president until january 2010 because we do have elections in november this year and a new president will be elected by the people of honduras. we hondurans are proud of this day in which we defended our constitutional system viva honduras!

  2. The president is LYING to the news, to CNN, to the world! We want him OUT, we don’t want him back! He’s being manipulated by Chavez, and he wants to come here to dictate as he has been spreading it all over Latin America!



  3. […] in relying on foreign bloggers (including me) for your news…  or bloggers in general.  As To The Roots says, vis-a-vis the Honduran and Iranian crisises: Obviously there is no internet (or power) for […]

  4. Here in Honduras after the Coup we’ve been kept from accessing news other than what the current government wanted to release and communicate. Power was shut off to keep people from the truth. If the government has nothing to hide why do this ??? Why is the power shut off. So the poor dont know or realize what goes on?If they’re fighting for its people why do they shut down TV and Radio stations that question their actions? Is that democracy and freedom? Despite their actions to cover up their illegal actions the world knows what they did and rejects them like the impostors they are.

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