Funes Sworn in as President

Here is a video of the inauguration:

Here is a quick (and horrendous) Google translation of Funes’ acceptance speech (Link is for Spanish version). I will post an official one when it becomes available.

funes sash

    People of my homeland,

    It is a tremendous honor to receive this presidential sash. I do so with humility, aware of the responsibilities involved and the commitments that I must fulfill. I will be faithful to the oath that I have done, guiándome by national interests and the desire to serve, especially those most disadvantaged.

    The people of El Salvador requested a change. And the change starts now. The change starts with the individual will of a president. Start by the hands of a nation that knows that this is a great time in building their future. And that is aware that this can only happen with the union of all.

    I assume the presidency to expand the call of national unity that I made before, during and after the campaign. Fruit of a union to pacify the spirits of optimism and creative director, of harmonizing the differences of democratic and collective commitment to build a new nation without hatred and without resentment. Unite in a national development project that is based on social inclusion, expanding opportunities, enhancing the value of production and labor, modernization of institutions and ensuring full democratic freedoms. Union of free men and women who believe in themselves and in their homeland and want to build a new nation. To my happiness, this call is being increasingly heard, understood, supported and loved by my compatriots.

    An happiness tempered with realism and responsibility. But also with a strong dose of courage and optimism. It is not to be afraid of this responsibility, and not fear this challenge, which proclaim loudly to myself, for my companions, and for the whole nation: we do not have the right to wrong. I repeat: we definitely do not have the right to wrong.

    A long road has been traversed by the Salvadoran people to reach this day. No effort and no sacrifice was futile. It is time for a new way of living fully in democracy. We are not, therefore, the right to betray our dreams and not to miss the road.

    My friends and my friends,

    To err is human, but avoid the error is also an attribute of all men and all women. And avoid the mistake begins for not doing what some people did wrong in this country: to govern for the few, be complacent about corruption, fear and being an accomplice to the crime, agreeing with the backlog in all its forms of expression.

    We Salvadorans, we know what we want, what we can and what we need. We want social reconstruction, economic reconstruction and we want the institutional reconstruction of our homeland. That means we need to reconstruct not only our country but also to reinvent it. Reinvent our country does not mean abandoning what is good and eternal. Means improving what is right and do what was never done. It means creating a national model of development that the best we have redemption, reduce inequalities and promote an internal dynamic and intelligent reinsertion in the regional and international arenas.

    I repeat: our country will be re-creating a new national project, at the same time, rescue the large social debt and accelerate our technological and human progress. The main weapon for this is that we have faith, hope, joy and the strength of compelling new ideas. And the most important goals we must achieve is to overcome poverty, political and technological backwardness, marginalization of broad sectors of society and, principally, despair and lack of vision for our youth. Above all, integrate and transform a small country that became a giant of inequality. And to reveal ourselves, and for the whole world, the immense creative capacity, production and modernization that we have hidden within us. We need, above all, the lost time.

    So our biggest challenge is to make the next five years worth at least a decade. And you can do that.

    Salvadorans and Salvadoran

    We will govern in the midst of a deep economic crisis, one of the most difficult in our history. Its complexity is given by the explosive combination of factors both internal and structural factors of the current cycle of the international crisis.

    The state of public administration that is inherited is not in any way satisfactory. Precisely because the components of accumulated internal crisis are what makes us more vulnerable. All these past years since the Government is not a determined effort deployed to El Salvador would be more productive and less dependent, and therefore we have to start with measures emergencia.La this crisis affects us because it severely lacked a clear strategy and consistently to confront their adverse effects. The scenario is such that we must speak bluntly of a
    unacceptable deterioration of public finances in a dollarized economy box.

    The responsibility for this situation is not the Salvadoran people if not the ruling elite that was in power until today. Most economic indicators show a deterioration in the economy. However, the crisis, despite its drastic, may provide conditions favorable for our country to adopt a socio-economic and political course more appropriate and feasible. With this understanding is that we are releasing the anti-global plan, a first package of this new government to ensure the stability of the economy and reducing the social problems. Members of my team of economic and social areas will give their details in the coming hours. Four major objectives guide our plan: to safeguard existing jobs and create new jobs, protect the most vulnerable sectors of the population of the negative effects of the crisis, this crisis to promote state policies on social and economic construction and start a system of universal protection for all women and men of our country.

    In the area of employment and production support, the plan envisages the creation of 100 thousand direct jobs over the next 18 months, whose total cost amounts to about 474 million dollars. The most important are the implementation of a temporary employment program, conducting a program of expansion and improvement of public services and basic infrastructure and the construction and improvement of 25 thousand and 20 thousand urban housing solutions in ceiling and floor rural communities, municipalities in terms of severe poverty.

    In the credit area, the plan provides for the immediate establishment of the state bank to promote production, which will provide appropriate funding to the various economic sectors, mainly to micro, small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Through the new state bank was also set up a system of guarantees that will allow entrepreneurs to access credit from private banks. These actions will bring a lot of benefits because, in addition to generating employment, will open new routes, especially in rural areas, bringing shelter, water, electricity, schools, health care and mitigation works for Salvadorans and Salvadoran poor.

    I do not want to dwell on details of the Anti-Crisis Plan, which as I mentioned, will be task of the members of my Cabinet economically and socially. But I can not stop the creation of universal social protection system that will write a new history in the field of social policy in our country.

    As part of this system we are creating the urban communities of solidarity, whose aim is to improve life in precarious urban settlements. The program envisages the improvement of infrastructure and basic public services, repair and construction of 11,000 houses, provision of education vouchers for children and youth 6 to 18 years and measures to improve public safety.

    We will expand and improve the current Red Solidaria program from now on be called Solidarias Rural Communities. As part of the program will expand coverage of water services, electricity, basic sanitation, improvement of health services and education to 32 municipalities in severe conditions of poverty and others in high poverty.
    It also granted a basic pension to all older people living in 100 municipalities covered by the network and have not received any direct benefit from the old Red Solidaria program.

    Also as part of the social protection system, I am pleased to announce the program of health care and nutrition in 100 municipalities with high levels of malnutrition, which will benefit 85,000 children between 0 and 3 years. Further expand the school feeding program in urban schools, benefiting 500,000 boys and girls now do not have that benefit.

    I can not fail to mention three additional measures to alleviate the economic situation of the unemployed and poor families. The first is the provision of free uniforms and school supplies to students in public schools for next school year. This measure will benefit 1,350,000 children and young people attending the first to the third cycle.

    The second is the security and extending the benefits of access to health services for people who are listed ISSS and have lost their jobs.
    The third step is the elimination of quotas in access to public health services and the provision of essential medicines immediately to all establishments in the public health system. Given the seriousness of the fiscal crisis, the program includes an anti-global strategy to strengthen public finances. First, an austerity program with a strong expenditure restraint superfluous.

    Another important measure that will save us a lot of resources is the rationalization and targeting of subsidies, which have so far been accorded indiscriminately. That means a waste of resources and increases inequality because most of the beneficiaries are people with high incomes.

    On the revenue side, we’ll begin immediately a program to combat avoidance, evasion, smuggling and corruption.

    Finally, I announce to the country, to strengthen national unity and build state policies in strategic areas in the coming days convene a national dialogue to define a development strategy that includes an agreement on elempleo and fiscal policy. In addition, we will create in the short term, the Economic Social Council, which will act as a permanent institutional instance in which the main economic sectors and the country’s social dialogue and seek agreement on key economic issues.

    My friends and my friends,

    Before I said that we want to rebuild social, economic and institutional development of our country. He added, now that we need and also a reconstruction and moral values.

    We need, in fact, a peaceful and democratic revolution to introduce a model to insert it in the way of organizing economic and insert it into the economic recovery of human development.

    We need an ethical revolution. The public good can not be confused with the personal and the ethics of the favors you have to be replaced by the ethos of healthy competition and democracy.

    Transparency, fighting corruption and all forms of waste and diversion of public money are sacred things in our government.

    But the struggle for institutional improvement can not be fighting alone a government. It should involve all authorities and society as a whole. And I am confident that the legislature, judiciary and society will be with us.

    Such training will not only improve the quality of public policies, but also to improve the quality and degree of independence of institutions, as well as the improvement of policies and industry practices private.

    Salvadorans and Salvadoran

    Peaceful and democratic revolution means reducing inequalities, improving quality of life of the people and restore the efficiency of governance.

    Our democracy is beset by dark forces of drug trafficking and organized crime. By the actions of the crime. For the situation of economic duress suffered by thousands of families. For the accelerated deterioration and irresponsible use of our environment. And also for the inadequate governmental decisions of the past that have distorted the public consent corruption in the state apparatus.

    We, as seen, a gargantuan task ahead, but she does not intimidate us. Our country already facing serious problems and he knew many find ways to overcome them. But everything was faster when there was peace and unity.

    We need to reform our schools, our hospitals rebuild, modernize our roads, expand and renew our energy sources, protect our environment. We need, above all, to rebuild people’s lives, especially those most in need.

    And accurate, especially promoting the urgent skills that our main asset is our human capital.

    How is it possible that millions of fellow migrants, working hard out of the country, ensure their retention and improve your life? What we are saying that? Very simple: the problem is not in our people, our people, but in the minds of governments and leaders who have led the country. The human wealth of the country is ready, just need a sensible and patriotic government that makes it grow. I want to be president of this government.

    This is achieved through improving education and expanding opportunities.

    This is accomplished when citizens, especially young people perceive that there is a government that does not allow privileges and put the talent, dedication and effort as the only causes for the promotion and growth.

    Therefore, to assure gentlemen, that this will be the government of meritocracy, not the government of families of privilege, abuse of patronage and sponsorship of dark defects.
    Rights, yes to all. Privileges, not for anyone.

    Here people will be recognized by their talents and honesty, not your name or your log.

    My friends and my friends,

    In our government who have merit will be rewarded and who will be exemplarily punished with guilt. Was completed on time patronage and impunity.

    It is this provision that we will tackle all forms of crime, especially organized crime and his face more Dantesque: drug trafficking.

    Because of the shortcomings of national policies, regional and international war on drugs, this disease has grown in the world, including several heads of hydra.

    For every one that is cut into a country, it seems another birth later. In this field of nearly successive defeats, Central America has become a destination and route.

    I know this is a struggle in which no isolation is due within national borders. But I also know that a government that develops rigid internal policies, which links with other friendly countries, fulfills its part in this battle.

    We will do this with maximum control and dedication. We will give our full support for the good cops who are the majority in our security agencies, but identified and punished with severity, those few who deviate from their role and become accomplices to these criminals.

    Thus, gradually and localized, that drug trafficking starts to infiltrate and transform the governments and rulers in their hostages. El Salvador can not get into this loop of terror and fear. And also we can not allow segments of society, especially the poorest people, are held hostage by gangs and juvenile gangs, not least sadistic and dangerous. Maras, gangs can not continue acting with impunity and growing transforming neighborhoods and communities in areas free for their crimes.

    We will fight, day after day, to impose law and order in this underworld of anti-law and inhuman.

    My friends and my friends,

    We live in a time of crisis of ideologies and patterns of failure. Instead of scare why we should encourage. Instead we should rejoice saddened. Because we hope to turn the creative act in the world and strengthens our ability to operate our originality.

    We need to improve not only the institutions but also to create new models and new forms of management and coexistence, on the basis of a democratic system getting stronger and renewed.

    To our honor and happiness, we have here today honorable heads of state of several nations, who represent different models and experiences.

    Each country and each of the leaders present we can offer ideas, inspirations and solutions. But this influence will be positive only if we achieve a synthesis of what each one is better and, critically, apply them in our country according to our needs and our creative thinking. We need to create a new model of national development, a new model of social policy and an improved model of democracy that democracy is not a false and incomplete certain rights to know both El Salvador and therefore requested a change.

    I love and respect for all heads of state here and here represented, to whom I pay my sincere tribute.

    All of you are living symbols of hope for their people. A hope, even that may radiate to the world, as happened with two leaders who had a strong symbolic content in my campaign. I refer to President Barack Obama, here represented by his brilliant secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, the American woman who honors and radiates the brilliance of the female world, and I am also referring to the president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, my friend staff.

    When my opponents, distorting facts and staining the honor of people tried to falsely disqualified, me and my beloved party, the FMLN, were searching for strong examples of Obama and Lula, as proof that innovative leaders, rather than a significant threat and secure a new path for their peoples.

    Obama, I said, proved that it is possible to reinvent hope. And Lula, I said, can be demonstrated that a popular government, democratic, with a strong economy and fair distribution of wealth. One of the most beautiful things in politics is precisely its capacity for renewal. And renovation is to bring both the new and revive eternal values. How are the values of progressivism. Because some models may have failed, but the deep values of progressivism did not die, nor ever will die. They are more alive than ever and are increasingly needed in the world and, most particularly in El Salvador.

    My friends and my friends,

    Our challenges are great but we have accepted so long ago. And much more now that the Salvadoran people elected us to lead the destiny of the country.

    Us another way to manage and lead the nation. In our homeland, the country is not only its land, resources, symbols, and for us also the nation is its people, their children and the elderly, their women and men. We are leaders who not only care about their closing numbers, we also closed the better life of all Salvadoran families.

    We have chosen to live with everyone and not just a few. We have chosen to grow with everyone and not just a few. Such a decision is ethical, philosophical, moral and religious Each fellow is our brother, and all Salvadorans are our extended family.

    But our faith, our ethics and our philosophy is not enough by themselves, if not carried to the facts and the specific actions of government. So good governance is the ultimate expression of commitment to our people and the memory of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, my teacher and spiritual guide of the nation.

    There are leaders, parties and philosophies that have had their chance to govern and have failed. After many years it is our duty, our responsibility. The Salvadoran people are watching us and he will judge us in the end.

    But we also look at other countries in the world, and especially our brother countries of Central and South America. They know very well our sufferings and struggles. Many have been so diverse, fraternal solidarity. Time to show everyone that we have waited many years to govern badly and end up frustrating the hopes of our people.

    We are not just a country we must help and encourage. We are, we are today, from this instant, before the eyes of friends and strangers, a country, leadership and a people who fought for an opportunity, and they finally took to achieve it, not squandered, not frustrated and learned to its fullest realization.

    Salvadorans and Salvadoran

    This government will work tirelessly over the next five years in an agenda of structural change that will benefit both Salvadorans who live here as our brothers who have emigrated. They give all necessary support to ensure their rights to work, live without fear and to regularize their immigration status. In particular their right to come and go to make your family reunion.

    Why the change of government begins its work today has chosen men and women of experience and ability to meet in the difficult moments in time, two great qualities: honesty and wisdom.

    We are aware that the fate of El Salvador is inextricably linked to our Central and South American brothers. So we promoters of regional unity and Latin America.

    Consistent with this view, the government, which I chair, since it is progressive and pluralistic, will have diplomatic, trade and cultural relations with all Latin American countries. This means that immediately restored diplomatic ties, trade and cultural exchanges with Cuba.

    Make every effort to broaden, strengthen and renew our relationship with the United States, who are historically linked by many ties, including the presence of millions of compatriots who live and work there.

    My friends and my friends,

    I repeat what I said on the night of March 15: I wish that this day has the same sense of hope and reconciliation effort that made possible the signing of the peace in our country.

    In this effort of national reconciliation I call to everyone, without distinction, to engage him. But mainly I want to call you, my dear young people: Let’s make a couple home, happy, hopeful. Let’s build our country with joy, with faith, with beauty. With creative, smooth and without preconceptions. With energy to live. We need to stop what still remains of victims because of our complex that feeds hatred, autoconmiseración, the vindictiveness and easy excuses.

    Accelerate this process of emotional and spiritual renewal. The process of believing in ourselves, to respect and get respect, leaving the dark shadow of our worst social and personal experiences.

    Come together to reinvent our country and bring back our brothers who have emigrated as a country that is unable to accommodate their children can live happy.

    Come together to build a sophisticated human and technological sophistication. One country, and I ask leave of the great poet Gabriela Mistral, who affectionately called the Tom Thumb of the Americas.

    A country that is not only nice Tom Thumb of the Americas, but is also the micro-chip in a new world, full of strength and innovative solutions.

    A country that, like, a micro-chip, its smallness makes the absolute concentration of its maximum strength and condensation of their knowledge, to produce strong, happy and help their people, here in her small space, task of rebuilding the world.

    Live and to govern other peoples and nations say today, yes, that Tom Thumb is a great giant of honest work, a giant of freedom and happiness of its people.

    Thank you very much. May God bless you all, God bless El Salvador.


~ by Daniel on June 2, 2009.

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