Mario David Garcia is leaving Guatemala

(An update on this story here: “The Storms of Impunity in Guatemala”)


Colom would have threatened the reporter who recorded the video of Rosenberg

guatemala colom

Mario David Garcia, journalist, teacher and a Guatemalan lawyer who recorded the video of the lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg at which accuses President Alvaro Colom of his death before dying shot dead, confessed today that Chief of State and his wife had threatened in a repetitive, and is seriously considering leaving the country.

In a phone interview granted to a Spanish news agency, Garcia said that Colom as first lady, Sandra Torres, have threatened him in public “by helping” Rosenberg denounced alleged corruption within the government.

The scandal came to light when it released a video in which Rosenberg, shot dead on May 10 in Guatemala City, accusing the president of the crime of misappropriating public funds and turning a blind eye to money laundering in state bank Banrural.

For Garcia, a journalist with 36 years of occupation and director of ‘Straight Talk’ Broadcasting Unit – the more listeners Guatemala – Colom has “institutionalized” from the beginning, the murder of the lawyer, looking for the “confrontation” in a country deeply affected by an “excessive” climate of violence that has come to light with this murder. “Esta tragedia ha presentado una estructura criminal impensable en el país”, afirmó. “This tragedy has made an unthinkable crime in the country,” he said.

The journalist explained that on May 7 Rosenberg, who has joined a great friendship, he sent a signed statement with his allegations, after which Garcia gave him the possibility to record the testimony. El vídeo fue revelado un día después del asesinato del abogado. The video was unveiled a day after the murder of the lawyer.

“I did not think it would kill”

Garcia confessed that although “it’s not the journalist judged,” was afraid of hearing the accusations made Rosenberg, but admitted that he had “no thought to kill him.”

“I found a great shock when he was found dead,” he added.

In this connection, recalled the difficulties presented by this case because of the “immunity” enjoyed by the people it accuses Rosenberg directly, beginning with President Colom, but felt that the “only hope” to investigate the murder of lawyer is the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, led by the Spanish jurist Carlos Castresana.

Garcia is so because in Guatemala, he says, there is a “total failure of the investigative bodies of the Government,” from the “total subordination to the president” to a “lack of preparation and ineptitude.”


~ by Daniel on May 27, 2009.

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