Today in Latin America, João Goulart

From one of my favorite blogs on this internet thing, Don PalabraZ. Today is the 45th anniversary of the reinstitutionalization of the Brazilian military.

The Coup in Brazil

Back in the day on March 31st, 1964 Brazilian President João Goulart was overthrown in a military coup. Exactly 45 years ago, the army conspirators set in motion the makings of a dictatorship that would oppress Brazil for the next twenty years. Goulart, known for his populist politics had been irrationally suspected by the coup plotters of having communist sympathies and seeking to establish such a dictatorship. The Central Intelligence Agency was active in Latin America’s biggest country prior to the coup supporting and encouraging anti-Goulart sentiments. Five years ago, upon the fortieth anniversary of the coup, documents were released showing U.S. support for the military’s action from the highest government officials including President Johnson himself.

With the dictatorship firmly in place and fully recognized by the U.S., Brazilians suffered two decades of authoritarianism, censorship, disappearances, torture, imprisonment and a disastrous economic miracle that stratified wealth. The U.S. sure does know how to promote democracy in the world, doesn’t it?


~ by Daniel on March 31, 2009.

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