Occupation Ended

nyu-protest1After some fruitful conversations with others following this story, it seems that while I was out today, the occupation of the students ended at 2 pm.

It seems that NYU had people cross the barricades for talks before letting cops arrest students on the stop. The group also expects arrests and expulsions to come as the students begin to leave the Kimmel Center. According to their website,

This fight will carry on in the hands of the dozens of people who made it inside, and the hundreds more who came out to support the occupation. NYU showed its irrational need to defend secrecy and its exclusive hold on power, and that alone will drive this movement forward.

For everyone showing support: the real lesson here is that you can act and you can make a difference. Take the lessons from the occupation on to your own struggle, and begin to act yourself. Onward.

I’m sure more news will come, as it does, we’ll update. This was an interesting few days, to say the least. The reactions by people have often made me question if we live in the country. I agree with the flaws of this “occupation” (including calling it an occupation, especially when they mention Palestinians in their list of demands) and their incessant need for amnesty.

But nevertheless, some of their demands are on point – some that one would want to see on their campus, including my own. An issue of “rich-guilt” as I’ve heard notwithstanding, American reaction to protest will never be solved if our class continues to define us. That may seem anachronistic coming from me, but I mean to say some at NYU – either bourgeois or middle- to lower-class surviving on student loans – have the right to fight on behalf of people, for whatever reason, they identify with. The poor do not have to fight only for themselves. It is this reaction I have seen most of all, and that should not be what we take from this.

Now…to return to Latin America (until this happens again).


~ by Daniel on February 20, 2009.

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