chavez-feb-09Tentative votes are in, but according to Al-Jazeera, Chavez won. Results are predicted in the 53 to 60 percent range. More when further results come in.

Confirmed by the New York Times. Hugo Chavez, without preconceived bias or off-the-cuff ranting (unlike what you’ll find throughout the rest of the internet), has effectively abolished term-limits in Venezuela, which will take effect after his current term ends in 2013.

This coming just a day before expressing interesting in speaking with US President Barack Obama. Here’s to hoping an effective dialogue gets underway.

Oh, and let’s hope that an effective dialogue can begin within ourselves. I am not fan of this. But we must be willing to step outside ourselves, recognize our egocentricities and hypocrisies, and refrain from loaded words when evaluations.

I will be bringing a more sober review of the election tomorrow night.

(And be on the look out for my review (2/17) of Paraguay under Alfredo Stroessner, a REAL dictator.)


~ by Daniel on February 15, 2009.

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  1. Sigh, I don’t blame the poor though. I have seen the crap where they live in, and the vast slums on the mountainsides which look like they are about the fall at any moment. Truly the poor-rich division is probably the number one problem in Venezuela. It looked as if there is no hope for them, then a man like him arrives and give them hope. Hopefully, Chavez is not as bad everyone makes him out to be, even if I don’t like him.

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