Today in Latin America, A Brief History of Nicaragua in the Twentieth Century

somoza-sandino-fslnToday in Latin America, 42 years ago, in 1967, Anastasio Somoza, the final Somoza brought to power in the dynasty that dominated the twentieth century of Nicaraguan life, was “elected” president for the last time.

This month also culminates in the anniversaries of Augusto Sandino’s assassination. Sandino being the leader who forced the hand of the United States in the 1930s to leave Nicaragua. His inspiration lead to the FSLN movement, popularly known as the Sandinistas.

This month is also the anniversary of the failure of the FSLN to hold onto power after it was acquired in 1990.

Anastasio Somoza’s life stands in contrast to these two moments on a linear historical spectrum. This month, I will be reviewing, at length, the history of Nicaragua’s twentieth century in regards to these three events, all seminal moments in Nicaraguan history and memory.


~ by Daniel on February 5, 2009.

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