Chile: Rehabilitating Salmon

chile-salmonOne aspect, because of school restraints, not yet explored is the natural environment and its impact on Latin America. I’ve posted an interview done by Tierramérica a few days ago with Manuel Baquedano about water rights and issues surrounding the “commodity” in Latin America. Today, The New York Times has a story on Chile’s steps to rehabilitate its salmon reserves. It is interesting in its presumptions about US need for fish and Chile’s economic situation.

Government and industry officials say they have already taken important steps to improve the ways salmon are farmed. But the persistent problems, critics say, reveal that neither the industry nor the government has fully grasped the need for the far-reaching changes required to protect not only consumers and the environment, but also one of Chile’s most important industries from itself.

To read more, see “Chile Takes Steps to Rehabilitate Its Lucrative Salmon Industry”


~ by Daniel on February 5, 2009.

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