I am new to this world, but I hope this introduction is soon forgotten and my naivete about blogs and what it takes to keep one up and running soon disappears. I come to Latin America as a student, as of now an undergraduate (graduating in May) and ready to move actively on to graduate study. I have been to Latin America in my childhood, then, unfortunately, only once on my own (a bus ride through Mexico last summer). It is only when something is gone that one finds they missed it. It was only when Latin America left me that I realized I missed it more than anything else.

I feel like we in the United States are wholly ignorant of Latin America and Latin Americans. From their history, to their culture, to their literature, to their way of life. Surely, I’m just a gringo, but I do have a respect and admiration and sense of struggle that I align myself with when it comes to thinking of the rest of our Western Hemisphere.

I am not in Latin America – not Mexico, not Chile, not Panama. I’m in Norfolk, Virginia – an incredibly unsexy place, indeed. This blog will focus primarily for the time being on culture, news, politics, literature, art – things that someone like me, a college student, can mull over and analyze and recommend. I have included blogs that I frequent as well as important websites bringing news and culture from Latin America to the world, please visit some of them to see where this blog takes its cues. This blog will be historically rooted, and by history I want to emphasize the power of the people. This is a people’s blog – people’s politics, people’s literature, people’s culture. The hope is as times change and diplomas are handed out, this blog will enhance itself into a news engine – but for now, I can only look from afar, take others with me, and move ahead together.


~ by Daniel on January 23, 2009.

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